Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pet need vaccinations before they can check in?

Yes, but vaccination only applies to rabbits not guinea-pigs. 

For the health and safety of your own rabbit/s and others staying with us, we ask that customers ensure that their rabbit is up to date with vaccinations which provide protection against three diseases; Myxomatosis, VHD and RHDV2.  These are annual vaccinations are given as two injections under the brand names:

This is a combined vaccination which protects rabbits against two diseases; Myxomatosis and VHD (Viral Haemorrhagic Disease also known as Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease or RHD).  

Over the last few years a new variant of the VHD virus has been identified and is known as RHDV2 (or VHD2).  The existing NOBIVAC combined vaccine does not offer protection against it, so a new vaccine FILAVAC has been developed.  This new vaccine has previously been in short supply but as of October 2016 more local vets are starting to stock this.   

Both vaccinations are given once a year.  If you are vaccinating your rabbit for the first time, or if both vaccinations are due, then please leave at least 14 days between them.  Please ensure that the last vaccination is give no later than 14 days prior to the start of your rabbit's holiday with us.  This is so that immunity can develop (can take 2-3 weeks) and to give time for your bunny to feel better whilst  at home if s/he experiences any negative side effects (side effects are rare).

Your vet will provide you with a vaccination record card for your rabbit, please bring this with you on arrival.

Even if you have a house rabbit, it is important to vaccinate because several cases of VHD, Myxomatosis and most recently RHDV2 have been reported in many areas across the UK and the diseases can easily find their way indoors.  All three diseases are are very contagious and almost always fatal.  They can all be spread by hay which has come into contact with infected wild rabbits, by flying insects such as mosquitos, carried by ticks (e.g. on birds, foxes, cats and dogs) or on humans, our clothing and our shoes and so pet bunnies don't necessarily have to come into direct contact with wild bunnies or live outdoors to become infected.  The best way to minimise the risk for your rabbit is to keep their vaccinations up to date.  Please note that in some cases vaccinated rabbits can still catch these diseases but they stand a much better chance of survival than non-vaccinated rabbits for whom these diseases are almost always fatal.  

Please speak to your vet to find out more or visit


What do I need to bring with me when I check in?

As well as you and your pet, all you have to bring is their vaccination record, payment in the form of cash or a cheque (made payable to Bunny Bunkhouse) and a supply of your pet's dried food sufficient for the duration of their stay with us.  As there are so many brands of dried rabbit and guinea-pig food on the market and due to having recently thrown away several bags of less frequently requested food which was not consumed by its best before date, we have decided that we are no longer able to supply every food type.  The only dried foods we keep in stock now are Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets and Supreme Science Selective Adult Rabbit Nuggets with Fenugreek & Aniseed, as these are the most frequently requested varieties.  We are unable to keep a stock of any guinea-pig dried food.  All food and water bowls, water bottles and litter trays are provided, as are a plastic play stool and a tunnel.  You are very welcome to bring your pet's own bowls and bottles if you'd prefer and of course their favourite toys too.  You may also leave your pet carry case with us until you return.


What times are you open?

We are open for pick up and drop off 7 days a week, except for bank holidays, please choose the day before or day after when making a booking around these dates.  

We ask customers to state their preferred drop off and pick up times when completing our booking form but our preference is for arrivals and departures between 8am-8pm.  Our bunks can often be booked back-to-back and so these timings ensure there is enough turnaround times between bookings during busy periods.  



Do you take house rabbits?

Yes, although our accommodation is not indoors.  Each bunk is outdoors but has a timber hutch and a unique 'indoor/outdoor' private run. The hutch measures 4ft by 2ft and is heated & insulated for colder weather. We can also provide a heated SnuggleSafe pad for house bunnies who enjoy extra warmth and we always give plenty of fuss and attention throughout the day. Each bunk has a radio to help provide the extra background noise your house bunny may be used to.  Around the clock, or from dawn til dusk if you prefer, your pet can enjoy the attached private 7ft run giving a total length of 11ft of running space. The run is under cover yet partially open to the weather so your pet can enjoy the sunshine but will be protected on cold, wet or windy days. Check out our accommodation page for more information.


Will my pet be safe?

Absolutely. Safety is our top priority. Every hutch and run has a double layer of galvanised mesh and secure locks to keep all our visitors safe and sound. This prevents unwanted visitors or foxes digging underneath to gain access. What's more all our bunks are placed on a concrete base to prevent burrowing.  We have solid canvas weather run covers which we roll down when it's cold, rainy or to use as a sunshade.  We can also put these covers down at night all year round to help comfort house bunnies not used to being outdoors during the night.  All 8 bunks are identical in design, 4 are on the upper level and 4 are on ground level.  So that we can help out as many customers as possible it isn't usually possible to reserve a specific bunk or request either upper or lower level, particularly during the busy school holidays when all our bookings are are back to back.  However if you do have a preference please discuss this at the time of enquiring and we will do our best to meet any special needs.


Will my pet get much exercise?

Yes they'll get lots of exercise. All our bunks come with large 7ft private runs they can enjoy around the clock. With their attached indoor hutch this gives a total length of 11ft of running space. Each bunk is also 2ft wide and over 2.5ft tall so there's plenty of room to stand up and stretch.


What if I'm late when I check in or pick up my pet?

Don't worry, just call us on 01252 668189. We can't guarantee we'll be in outside of our normal drop off and pick up times but will do our very best to rearrange times with you.


How do I pay?

You can pay by cash or cheque (made payable to Bunny Bunkhouse) when you check in.  We do not ask for a deposit in advance.


What if my pet has a special diet or is on medication?

No problem just let us know when you book. If your pet's diet includes foods not in our usual range of dry foods or fresh veg then you'll need to provide this when you arrive.  If your pet is currently on medication, we can continue to administer this for you during their stay.  Contact us using the details above if you have further questions.


What if my pet becomes ill whilst on holiday?

All animals boarded with us must be in good health and any medical conditions discussed with us prior to check in.  In the very unlikely event of your pet becoming ill during their stay with us, we will treat seek treatment for them in the same way as we would our own pets.  On make a booking with us we ask you to provide a contact number where we can reach you in an emergency, or to nominate another emergency contact who can make decisions for you.  Under our terms of use we ask that pet owners give us the right to seek veterinary care for their pets and to agree to pay for all costs incurred in doing so, this may include out of hours charges.  We will always attempt to contact you or your emergency nominee in the first instance, as long as taking the time to do so does not delay necessary treatment for your pet.  Knowing more about your pet will help us identify what's normal behaviour and when something is wrong so please use the comments section on the booking form to tell us more about their medical history.


What if I want to amend or cancel my booking?

Please contact us using the details above.


You do not have space available for the dates I need. Can you recommend alternative local boarders?

Sorry we're not able to look after your pets this time.  Please find a list of alternative local boarders here.  We have either visited these boarders or know the people who run them, or they have been recommended to us by our customers.  We always recommend visiting yourselves first though and we hope we can help you out for your next holiday instead.



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